FMCC's Five-Fold Ministry

FMCC is a place where you can….


Encounter the Presence of God

FMCC is a place where God’s presence rests. As soon as your foot crosses the threshold of the building, you are immediately greeted by the presence of God. In our worship the Holy Spirit meets each person in a tangible way. We are grateful that the Spirit of God inhabits our place.

Build Authentic Relationships

FMCC is a place where authentic relationships with God and people are built. In a world where people drift apart from each other, we at FMCC connect with God and each other in deep and meaningful ways. We share in our joys, and bear each other’s sorrows. At FMCC we share in each other’s lives.

Be Equipped for Ministry

People are equipped and encouraged to engage in their personal ministry. Each Christian is called by God to be his or her minister. Each of us has a particular sphere that God wants us to touch. At FMCC through Life Groups and sermons folks are equipped to fulfill God’s calling for their lives.

Experience Healing and Wholeness

FMCC is a place of healing and wholeness. Whoever comes to FMCC finds that Christ’s healing ministry is alive and well. We are a safe place where people experience mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. At FMCC people become all that God intentioned.

Impact the Community

FMCC is a launching station for churches and groups that impact Flower Mound. It is one thing to say that your church impacts the community and it is another thing to do it. Here is a list of the various churches and groups that FMCC has helped launch: Prince of Peace ELCA, Faith Lutheran Church, Lewisville Early Childhood PTA, Voices of Flower Mound, Rock Point Church, FM Seniors in Motion, Slimming World, and North Texas Chinese Church.